Salt Lake City Window Cleaning—Serving Utah from Bountiful to Draper

With a name like Salt Lake City Window Cleaning, you might be tempted to think that we're only available for window cleaning services in Salt Lake City proper. That's certainly logical, just not at all true. In fact, we offer residential, commercial, and industrial window cleaning services in most cities—more than 30—and municipalities in northern Utah, including Bountiful, Draper, Murray, Park City, and Sandy, among many others. When you need quality window washing services—in Murray, Draper, or elsewhere around the Salt Lake valley—along with 100-percent guaranteed results, Salt Lake City Window Cleaning is your best option for thorough, professional window cleaning services.

We have roots west of Murray, with more than 10 years of experience serving residences and businesses in Draper, Bountiful and Sandy, UT, not to mention surrounding cities. We are particularly pleased about our growth in the Taylorsville area and the 84129 zip code. Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians strive to provide excellent service for all of our customers, from Park City to Draper to Bountiful. We hope to serve them better every day, and are proud of our commitment to and reputation for excellent service and superior workmanship. Call today and see for yourself why Salt Lake City Window Cleaning has so many satisfied clients and a well-deserved reputation for unsurpassed excellence.

More important than what we have to say about our professional window cleaning services is the fact that you can see the amazing results firsthand. The quality of our work says far more about the quality and value of our company and services than us talking about it ever could. Call us today for your free commercial window washing consultation and estimate, and then see for yourself why we are so confident in talking about the high quality of our service and why our clients are so satisfied with the job we do.

We are available for one-time window cleaning services as well as recurring appointments at seasonal, monthly, or even weekly intervals. Whether you work in a small office space with seasonal traffic in Park City, a vintage structure near old Sandy, or a bucolic Draper or Bountiful location, we are well equipped to handle the job of keeping your building's windows looking clean, clear, and beautiful. But our repertoire extends even further. Find out why so many businesses trust Salt Lake City Window Cleaning for commercial and industrial window cleaning in Murray, Sandy, and Park City.

Residential Window Cleaning in Park City & Draper: Clearly See the Results for Yourself

There are many residences in the Salt Lake Valley. We provide window cleaning services in any municipality within the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas, including Sandy, Draper, and Murray, as well as posh communities such as Park City and cities north of Salt Lake such as Bountiful. Whether your home is large or small, with many windows or just a few, we are more than equipped to handle the job. We use only the best eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques for astonishingly clean windows.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company. If you don't fully understand what that means, you're not alone. Being fully licensed means that we are certified to carry out business in over 30 cities in Northern Utah. So what do bonded mean? A company that is bonded and insured like ours protects customers from liability and insures their property in case of loss, theft, or damage. The bond money is held by the state to cover any claims filed against the bonded company. Being insured in this case means that we file any claims for injured workers with our insurance company, not your homeowner's insurance. Essentially, this all means that when you hire Salt Lake City Window Cleaning to clean your windows, you are fully protected from liability and loss, so have nothing to worry about. So give us a call today and see the difference in quality for yourself.

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Contact Salt Lake City Window Cleaning in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas for all of your window cleaning needs. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial window washing, and our staff is professional and courteous. We offer a 20 percent discount for recurring appointments and, for anyone who mentions this website, we’ll knock 10 percent off the price of your fist visit. We are also offering targeted specials for residential window cleaning in the 84129 area. Join our growing list of satisfied customers today.

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